Why is it so hard for female founders to gain access to funding?

By Rose Smith

27 May 2020


"We're in such a an empowering place where I think it is revolutionary to be yourself."

Gaining access to investors to fund a business has proven very difficult for many entrepreneurs. Alex Batdorf, founder of Get Sh!t Done explains that only 5% of entrepreneurs gain access to institutionalized capital, and of that 5%, only 2% are from women. It is hard to understand what it really takes to create your own company. When it comes to startups in general, only 17% of startups are founded by females, a number that has not changed in 6 years.

Alex sought out to change this narrative, and created Get Sh!t Done for women to have a platform to gain connections, knowledge through coaching and discuss all of the pain points of starting their own business. She needed to figure out a way she could give hundreds of female founders access to growth strategies and blueprints to enable women to grow their company strategically. Alex explains, “we glorify that there is a shift and an increase in all of these female founders which is exciting…but quantity to me is not important if we’re not giving them quality resources.” Alex feels once women have access to these resources, female founders can really grow their brand.


To learn more about Alex’s Mission with Get Sh!t Done, check out her website

Get Sh!t Done is accepting applications to its’ Accelerator Program, that helps female entrepreneurs build scalable businesses, gain and grow traction and to put them on a path to building a $1M+ business.





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